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What is the difference between runnable and callable in java?

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The difference between runnable and callable in java is very important interview question. It is generally asked by interviewer.

See the following difference between runnable and callable:-

  • Callable is an interface which is added in java 5. So, Callable interface is newer than Runnable interface.
  • Runnable interface has run() method to perform some tasks while Callable interface has call() method to perform task.
  • run() method of Runnable interface does not return any value, It's return type is void. And call() method of Callable interface returns value. Callable interface is a generic parameterized interface and Type of value is provided, when instance of Callable implementation is created.
  • run() method can not throw checked exception, while call() method can throw checked exception.
  • public interface Runnable {
        void run();

    public interface Callable<V> {
        V call() throws Exception;

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