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What are the core modules of Node.js ?

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Node.js includes following three types of modules:-

 * Core Modules
 * Local Modules
 * Third Party Modules

As we know that, the core modules include bare minimum functionalities of Node.js. These core modules are compiled into its binary distribution and load automatically when Node.js process starts. However, you need to import the core module first in order to use it in your application.

There are following lists of the important core modules in Node.js:-
 1. http:- The http module includes classes, methods and events to create http server in node.js.
 2. url:- The url module includes methods for URL resolution and parsing.
 3. querystring:- The querystring module includes methods to deal with query string.
 4. fs:- The fs module includes classes, methods, and events to work with file I/O.
 5. util:- The util module includes utility functions useful for programmers.
 6. path:- The path module includes methods to deal with file paths.

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