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What does Actuator in Spring Boot ?

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Spring Boot Actuator is a sub-task of Spring Boot. It adds a few creation review administrations to your application with little exertion on your part. There are also has numerous features added to your application out-of-the-case for dealing with the administration in a production (or other) condition. They’re basically used to uncover diverse kinds of data about the running application – health, measurements, information, dump, env and so on.
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Actuator in Spring Boot:- Actuator brings the production-ready features to the table for Spring boot application. Production-ready features like application monitoring, gathering metrics, understanding traffic, and the database state, become very crucial to keep the application in a healthy state. A major benefit for utilizing Actuator like a library is that a developer can have access to production-grade tools, without having to implement any one of these tools. For enabling the Spring Boot Actuator dependency to your package manager, add the following code into your POM file:-


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