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How to install maven in eclipse and sts (spring tool suite)?

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If you want to install Maven in Eclipse or sts (spring tool suite). Then follow the Steps :-

After installing the maven it will ask you for restarting the Eclipse/sts, So restart the eclipse/sts again to see your installation changes.

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For installing Maven in Eclipse/STS (Spring Tool Suite) see the following steps:-

  •     Open Eclipse
  •     Go to Help -> Select Eclipse/STS Marketplace
  •     Type Maven in search box
  •     Click "Install" button at "Maven Integration for Eclipse/STS" section
  •     Follow the given instructions step by step

After successful installation want to check installation of maven in Eclipse/sts then:-

  •     Go to Window --> Preferences
  •     See, Maven is enlisted at left panel
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To install maven in eclipse follow these steps:-

* Eclipse -> Help -> Install New Software. Then see the following screen:-

* Click on Add Button and open following screen and type:-

        Name: m2e
        Location: https://download.eclipse.org/technology/m2e/releases

* Clicked on Ok Button and select all

* Clicked on Next button then open the following screen:-

* Select radio button "I accept teh terms of the license agreement" and clicked on Finish button.

* Finally the installation will complete then see the following screen:-

* Clicked on Yes Button. You got installed maven in your eclipse.

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