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How to import SQL file using command line in MySQL?

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To import sql file from command line in mysql type the following command:-

mysql -u root -p < /opt/projects/Test.sql

We have following options with import sql file from command line in mysql:-

  • Better to use full path of the SQL file like: Test.sql.
  • To Use -R and --triggers for keeping the routines and triggers of original database. They are not copied by default.
  • You may have to create the (empty) database from mysql. If it doesn't exist already and exported SQL don't contain CREATE DATABASE (exported with --no-create-db or -n option), before you can import it.
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If you want to take backup of your sql into the server use the following different command like:-

  • MySQL command line:-
    • mysql> use database_name;
    • mysql> source backup.sql;
  • UNIX:-
    • shell> mysql database_name < backup.sql
  • Windows command prompt:-
    • mysql -p -u [user] [database] < backup.sql

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