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How to debug an application in Node.js ?

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There are following way to debut node.js application:-

  1. node-inspector:-
    Install:- npm install -g node-inspector
    Run:- node-debug app.js
  2. Debugging:-
    • Debugger
    • Node Inspector
    • Visual Studio Code
    • Cloud9
    • Brackets
  3. Profiling:-
    node --prof ./app.js
    node --prof-process ./the-generated-log-file
  4. Heapdumps:- node-heapdump with Chrome Developer Tools
  5. Tracing:- Interactive Stack Traces with TraceGL
  6. Logging:- Libraries that output debugging information
    • Caterpillar
    • racer
    • scribbles
  7. Libraries that enhance stack trace information
    • Longjohn

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