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spring context configuration annotation

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Spring Context Configuration Annotations:

These annotations are used by Spring for creating and injecting of beans.
@Autowired: It declares with a constructor, field, method (setter method), or configuration method to autowired by type. Items or fields annotated with @Autowired do not declear with public accessfier.

@Order: It declares with Type, Method, Field. It defines ordering, as an alternative to implementing the org. springframework.core.Ordered interface.

@Qualifier: It declares with Field, Parameter, Type, Annotation Type. It resolves the ambiguty of autowiring.

@Required: It uses with Method (setters). it specifies that a particular property must be injected or else the configuration will fail.

@Scope: It uses with Type and specifies the scope of a bean.

There are follwoing types of bean scope:
1. singleton
2. prototype
3. request
4. session
5. some custom scope

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