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What is the difference between git and svn ?

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Theare are following difference between GIT and SVN Repository:
1. GIT is distributed and SVN is not:
GIT is a distributed VCS (Version Control Systems). GIT is not a first or only distributed version control system currently available in the market. There are some other tools like Bitkeeper, Mercurial etc. SVN is non-distributed version control systems like SVN, CVS etc.
SVN have centralized repository or server. But, GIT have distributed repository and server. Which means, every developers checking out the code from central repository/server to own cloned repository installed on their machine. Let’s say if you have some changes or modification done in your code and you don’t have network connectivity, you will still be able to commit files and look revision on GIT history and create branches etc. 
2. GIT stores content as metadata and SVN stores files:
Each version control systems stores the metadata of files in hidden folders like .svn, .cvs etc. But, GIT stores entire content inside the .git folder. To compare the size of .git and .svn folder, you will get a big difference. The .git folder is a cloned repository in developer machine and it has everything on central repository like tags, branches, version histories etc.
3. GIT branches are not the same as SVN branches:
4. GIT does not have a global revision no. like SVN do:
5. GIT’s content integrity is better than SVN’s:

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